Below,  and on the following pages, you will find before and after pictures of a few completed projects.  Please keep in mind, this is only a small portion of my work.   


When we got there

 This is what it looked like when I got there

 Repairing some plumbing issues

The following are pictures of an elevated deck with serious issues. Customer wanted the deck repaired vs removing and building a new one.

 As you can see, this deck has serious safety issues that needed to be addressed immediately.

New beam with decorative wrap, joists and rim.

Next is a single office space that needed to be expanded.

 Tiny office space

 After damage removal

 Finished product took 2 days

 Rotting deck joists, beams and stair stringers had to be replaced and temporary supports installed.

 Stairs repaired and made safe without having to remove or disassemble them.

 The space was expanded to connect with two other rooms.

A wet bar was also added to the office space. Drywall in the other 2 spaces was repaired and re-textured. Office was re-carpeted, painted and new trim, doors and hardware were installed